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Colleen Clark is an awesome illustrator from the US of A who enjoys drawing everything from fairy tale characters to Tina Fey.

One of her latest projects is a four-panel comic about the ‘body issues’ that plague individuals and society as a whole.

Colleen makes the statement that appearance shouldn’t determine a person’s self-worth. It ain’t healthy!

Everyone has so much more to offer the world than how flat their stomach is or what size pants they wear.

Colleen Clark 1

Colleen Clark 2

Colleen Clark 3

Colleen Clark 4

How about we focus more on people’s intelligence, compassion and wit (our own included) as opposed to ‘beauty’, weight, and how well we carry a suit?

Easier said than done, but the challenge will be worth it.

You can check out one of my previous posts on body image here.


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