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BuzzFeed, that web-based conglomerate of pop culture awesomeness, has outdone itself by compiling 21 comics that capture the frustrations of depression.

And believe me, every one of the featured cartoonists has nailed it.

Depression is associated with lethargy, low mood, excessive guilt, hopelessness, and loss of interest in activities that were once fun.

These symptoms, and many more aspects of depression, are explored in BuzzFeed’s compilation.

Source: Sylvie Reuter

There’s a saying: misery loves company.

If that’s true, why do most people suffering from depression feel so utterly alone?

Maybe, secretly, we all feel the same way…

That’s why it’s so important to speak up about mental illness and kick stigma to the curb.

Honesty can’t cure depression or any other psychological ailment (darn!), but it can make the burden easier to bear. The same goes for comics.


Comments on: "Drawn that way: depression in comics" (1)

  1. Clare said:

    Oh wow! I’ve related to (and on occasion, do still relate to) so many of these, particularly numbers 6 & 7. #7 = super wow, though! I continue to see my struggles re depression etc (especially re addiction) as a black/scary “monster” (I guess I never imagined that others struggling with mental illness see things the same way).. These days I mostly see that monster as shriveled up/weak/struggling to stay alive/struggling for air (as strange as that may sound).. I see the monster always being there (in my mind), however, I take on board that I can’t feed it/give in re alcohol etc or it’ll grow, thrive and become powerful/’big’. Yay for illustrations! 😀

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