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Nothing like a good myth-busting session!

And, unlike these guys, you don’t need a beret or crazy moustache to partake.

Source: flickr

Joking aside, falsehood is often the foundation for stigma.

The more we spread the truth about mental illness, the sooner acceptance will flourish.

myths and facts about depression and bipolar

Source: healthline.com

You can check out one of my previous posts on stigma here.


Comments on: "Fact versus fiction on bipolar and depression" (2)

  1. I agree completely! These myths need some serious busting! I’ve had my own battles and telling people certainly isn’t easy because the majority make the experience utterly humiliating. In fact, trying to tell just about anyone, including those I hold most dear, how I got through today without wanting to curl up, or I survived a rough day without that violent urge to throw up or hurt myself, feels shameful. I’m lucky that I have a few friends now who understand, but at the beginning even my boyfriend was taken aback by my inability to just “think positive”. To this day, my parents still make me feel guilty for not feeling better, like I’m somehow stupid, weak or inferior for not just getting over it. I suppose it’s defeat, but I know now not to talk about it with them, because that guilt just sets me back.

    Anyway, thank you so much for your blog. It’s no instant solution (as wonderful as that would be), but it really does help me each and every day. It gives me that little extra push to actively think about these things, to really remind MYSELF of these myths, to remind myself there are so many others out there. In a way, it gives me that extra little kick I need to help get over the stigma myself.

  2. […] You can read one of my previous myth-busting posts, Fact versus fiction on bipolar and depression, here. […]

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