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Source: internal-acceptance-movement.tumblr.com

I was searching for a quote when I stumbled on something amazing.

Actually, someone

Daniell Koepke is the 21-year-old creator of the Internal Acceptance Movement. This is how she describes her passion project:

“The Internal Acceptance Movement is an online space that advocates self-acceptance, healthy body image, recovery from self-destructive behaviors and addictions… I. A.M. is a space that offers support to those battling their inner demons and strength to continue fighting when all hope seems to be gone.

I. A.M. represents the idea that as human beings, we aren’t defined by anything external, such as our weight, appearance, body shape, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, clothing choices, income, occupation, or background.

Instead, it’s our internal qualities–our character and attitude, our passions and dreams, our soul and spirit, our heart and capacity to love, our goals and morals, and the way in which we treat others–that are truly self defining…

I. A.M. exists to remind you that you are NOT alone in how you feel or what you’re going through; that it’s okay to not be okay.”

There’s enough life-affirming, anti-stigma sentiment in Daniell’s brief description to boost the saggiest of spirits!

Adding to the inspiration factor, Daniell has been in recovery from anorexia and bulimia for the past five years.

She hopes to become a therapist and help people experiencing a variety of mental illnesses and life struggles.

And now, for the awesome quote that got me hooked on I. A.M. in the first place:

“There is nothing wrong with wanting attention. It doesn’t make you selfish. It doesn’t make you desperate or pathetic or weak. It makes you human.

We all want to be noticed. We all need to feel seen and heard and valued. And we all deserve to have those needs met. You are no exception. You deserve to take up space. You deserve to be acknowledged and loved and cared for. You deserve to shine.

Don’t let anyone, including yourself, convince you otherwise.”

You can follow I. A.M. on Facebook here.


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