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Spring has sprung, but that’s not the only reason you should be celebrating on this sunny Wednesday afternoon.

This week, the Butterfly Foundation’s campaign to support Australians experiencing eating disorders has gone turbo.

It’s Body Image Awareness Week!

Eating disorders and poor body image present a severe problem for males and females around Australia (and the world). However, behaviours and feelings associated with negative body image are often kept secret by sufferers due to intense feelings of shame.

The Butterfly Foundation aims to raise awareness of eating disorders and poor body image.

Regardless of whether someone suffers from full-blown anorexia or is at a healthy weight but can’t look in the mirror without hating what they see, negative body image can be extremely debilitating to mental and physical health.

The Butterfly Foundation is setting this first week of September aside to celebrate our bodies – unique, diverse, strong and beautiful.

You can visit the Butterfly Foundation’s Awareness Campaigns page for tips on how you can join the positive body image revolution.

Other mental health organisations, including headspace, are getting on board with the initiative too.

This infographic shows a breakdown of the facts associated with body image and its relationship to youth mental health in Australia.

body image infographic


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