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And now for an adorable illustration of society’s double-standards…

mental health v physical illness or injury

Source: flickr

Compared to physical injury or illness, mental health struggles often remain on the down-low. For whatever reason, it’s not cool to brag about surviving your latest panic attack or resisting the urge to self-harm.

Why is it that freaky-looking dislocations and projectile vomiting are badges of honour, while the experience of mental illness is awkward or even unspeakable?

This kind of attitude towards mental health needs to change NOW!

So next time you go late night shopping despite being terrified of crowds, or eat chocolate for the first time in five years, please tell someone about it.

In fact, tell anyone who’ll listen.

It’s one way to get the back-slaps you deserve for your stellar efforts, while also combating stigma.


Comments on: "Down with stigma!" (2)

  1. Clare said:

    This is great and holds so much truth!
    Not that I’m making excuses for anyone, but I think a bit part of the problem is due to a lack of education/understanding/experience re mental illness and a lot of misconception, i.e. that people struggling with mental illness are “weak”, potentially “dangerous” and somehow “deserving”. In terms of personal experience re alcohol addiction recovery, I’ve found myself ‘having to’ make excuses in many instances as to why I now don’t drink when confronted in social settings, i.e. “I’m just taking a break for a bit.. been having toooo much fun lately, hawhaww!”, “I’m on a health kick atm”, “I’m driving, so I’d better not”, “I’ve got this bad headache and I think drinking’d just make it worse”, “I’ve got to be up early tomorrow”, etc. My partner (who doesn’t drink whatsoever in support) has also felt the need to use such excuses on occasion as society in general doesn’t see it as ‘cool’ to have a gf/bf who’s struggled with substance abuse, depression, etc.

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