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Exciting news update, peeps! Drop what you’re doing and read on…

Ramsay Health Care and Medibank Private announced earlier today that they’ve settled their contractual squabble.

The result of the negotiation process (mediated by the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman) is that Medibank has renewed its contract with Ramsay for another three years without any extra charge to clients.

This is fantastic news for all Medibank clients receiving treatment at Ramsay-owned private hospitals around Australia. Ramsay’s facilities include a number of hospitals specialising in mental health care, such as Brisbane’s New Farm Clinic.

Basically, everything will go on as it did before the bickering went public. Consensus is that the issue was – thankfully! – a storm in a teacup.

Here’s an excerpt from the press release published on Ramsay Health Care’s website:

The new three year contract covers the benefits paid by Medibank for hospital accommodation charges for Medibank and ahm members at all of Ramsay Health Care’s hospitals.

Mr George Savvides, Managing Director Medibank and Mr Chris Rex, Managing Director Ramsay Health Care, said that the three year agreement provided certainty for members, patients and doctors.

“This agreement demonstrates that Australia’s biggest health insurance fund and Australia’s biggest private hospital provider are working together to keep quality private health care affordable,” Mr Savvides said.

The new contract between Medibank and Ramsay Health Care commences on 1 September 2013.  Medibank and ahm members continue to be covered as normal when they attend a Ramsay Health Care hospital.

Hurray for happy endings!

You can read my previous article on the Ramsay/Medibank kerfuffle here.


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